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Which patients can benefit?

CO2 Dry Spa Therapy can bring marked improvement in:

Post-surgery treatment
Post-surgery treatment
CO2 exposure stimulates body tissue, leading  to increased capillary formation that allows  faster and better wound healing with significantly decreased dense scar tissue formation. In addition, there is evidence that pain intensity significantly declines as a result of the treatment.
Sport Medicine
Sport Medicine
  • Faster regeneration after training and competitions.
  • Increased cellular respiration.
  • De-acidification of muscle tissue - lactate is eliminated more quickly, leading to faster recovery after training.
  • Increased oxygen partial pressure.
  • Regular CO2 treatment can sustainably boost oxygen supply to the muscles - providing an easy, comfortable and healthy way to enhance performance on top of a regular training regime.
Strenghtened Immune System
Peripheral and central circulatory disorders
CO2  treatment has been used effectively for decades  to treat peripheral arterial occlusive disease and central circulatory disorders such as coronary heart diseases or cerebral circulatory disorders. The dilation of peripheral blood vessels has also proved beneficial with Morbus Raynaud syndrome.

Diabetes mellitus
  • With regular CO2 treatments,  the acids produced through a diabetic metabolism can be significantly reduced. This therapy can be used to treat diabetic foot syndrome and wound healing disorders that are typical for the disease.
  • Further benefits include a strengthened immune system,  improved general wellbeing and better sports performance.

CO2 therapy is now covered by national health insurance in several continental European countries.
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